Respect Your Yoga Practice Space


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For the home practitioner, the yoga practice area becomes a deeply personal space. Especially for someone who practices ashtanga, as we spend a lot of time there. If you ever have the honour of being in someone’s practice space (as well as many yoga studios), there is a peaceful feeling present that can only come from many hours of spiritual and physical practice. You can’t just throw a couple of Buddha statues in there and call it a day – this is something that grows over time.

Having a beautiful space is often half the battle when trying to  maintain a consistent home practice. If a space is welcoming and reflects who you are, you’ll want to spend time there.

When we purchased our house almost two years ago, we knew we were buying a fixer upper. The basement was our first area of focus. In the listing is was called “finished”, but this was a huge exaggeration. If I had to describe it in one word, I would say “scary”. It was dark, neglected, musty, and very dirty.

However, we could see the potential. We ripped everything out down to concrete walls and have building it up ever since. When we were working on the floor plan, I knew that I had to include a space for me to do yoga. In the end, this room ended up being a home office/yoga/exercise room.

Our basement project is now in its last stages and my room is about 90% complete. However, at this current moment the room has become a stockpile for tools, building materials, and junk. I have about just enough room to put down my mat. Not very zen. So often it’s our own personal spaces that suffer and lay stagnant.

My first plan of action is to get all of the junk out and then to beautify.  I have this vision of  a clean, spacious, and minimalist space to practice yoga. I will update on the progress.

The main takeaway? Honour your space – whether it’s a tiny corner of your living room or a completely dedicated yoga room. Clean out the clutter. Keep it clean. Decorate with only your most treasured items. Let others know this space is important to you and fight for it when they may try to impose on it. If you respect  your practice space, you respect yourself.


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