Day 3: Transition Juicing Diet

I woke up with a huge kink in my neck today so I didn’t do my yoga practice this morning. I am having a hard time moving without pain. Not sure why my neck hurts so badly, I figure I must have slept on it strangely. I will keep trying to slowly stretch and massage it and hopefully it clears up.

For the first week of the transition diet, I’ve just focusing on eating whole foods, drinking 1 juice a day, and slowly reducing caffeine consumption.

I use a Keurig to make coffee which has different size settings. I always used to drink the largest size possible, so each day I just choose a smaller and smaller size. This has allowed me to slowly cut my caffeine intake. I’ve also stopped drinking my afternoon green tea. Caffeine is the one thing I have a hard time going completely cold turkey on. I think this is the way to do it.

I’ve been drinking a green juice at night with my dinner. My green juice is usually some variation of the popular “Mean Green” made with whatever greens I have on hand – kale, spinach, collard, chard, etc. It is my goal to drink a lot more green juices this time around. They are much higher in protein and calcium and lower in sugars than mainly fruit juices. I’m finding that I feel very full after drinking my green juice and have a hard time finishing my dinner.

I’m still having a lot of cravings for processed and unhealthy foods. I am still eating a bit of bread and processed foods, but overall am working to slowly reduce these things. I find sometimes the transition diets are harder than the more extreme ones because there aren’t as many guidelines.

Yesterday I went to Costco to pick up some produce. I’ve never bought bulk produce from there before because I’ve never eaten it in such large amounts. I did some comparison shopping to my regular grocery store. I did find that Costco’s price were slightly cheaper and I was able to buy larger packages which is more convenient. I will post some price comparisons at a later date for those that are interested.

I find that these small changes are already making me feel a lot better. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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